What is Reality?

It is quite a hard question... The double slit experiment really mumbled my mind. I have also been researching about the science of free will and I can see the connections between the Libet experiment and the double slit experiment. I want to paraphrase Terry A. Davis here because I think his bird analogy helps me explain my current situation before I get into my snake oil science: "What's reality? I don't know. When my bird was looking at my computer monitor I thought, "That bird has no idea what he's looking at." And yet what does the bird do? Does he panic? No, he can't really panic, he just does the best he can. Is he able to live in a world where he's so ignorant? Well, he doesn't really have a choice. The bird is okay even though he doesn't understand the world. You're that bird looking at the monitor, and you're thinking to yourself, I can figure this out. Maybe you have some bird ideas. Maybe that's the best you can do." I feel like the bird looking at the computer screen when I look at the universe and when I look at my life, I have some "bird ideas" but I am not really sure what is happening at the end of the day that's the best I can do and I know I am not going to understand what really is happening during my lifetime either or if I picked the true answers to any of my questions or is if there exits any true answers, wish world was a bit less complicated at least as less complicated as Newton thought it was. The fear of the unknown is the worst sort of all the fears. Let's get to the snake oil from the extremely annoying personalized stuff. I am not going to explain every experiment I phrase here as usual since it is not my job to teach you, I am just freeing my mind up by spilling bullshit but if you are trying to understand what I mean you should probably read up on them. The double slit experiment proves that as long as there is no observer there is no event. I am the observer while I am typing this stupid and overly side tracked blog post but if someone was to knock my door who would be the observant that let them come to existence? I can't answer this question without accepting that god exist. The double slit experiment also proves that one thing do exist at two places at the same time, you can determine what the other one is doing by observing only one of them. Our brains feel connected to me, In Libet experiment there are some weird determinism waves that delude our thoughts before we make a decision. The question is where the other signal is? Are we just puppets for god? Is that just a computer command running in our simulation to determine what is going to happen next? What if the real world equivalent of the other wave (electron) equivalent is just binary values in a computer? Are humans a neural network? Is biology simulated? WHAT IS REALITY? I feel really overwhelmed tonight as I am writing this and after I recharge I am probably going to keep learning k-means clustering. I am 14 and this is really deep. I hope I won't cringe as much when I am re-reading this as I was while writing so. Take every "science" thing I say with a grain of salt, I am a "computer" "science" major.
Oct. 18, 2020 -spike


I have been working out for the last 3 months and I have realised how mentally effective it is. When you think about people lifting most of the time you think as if the person who is bulky and strong is not very intelligent but that is not true. Working out is about masculinity, about being able to protect what you love (physically) and is about consistency and dedication. It is not as easy as just lifting weights, it is pushing your body to its limits to reach a goal. I think it has been improving me as a person as i have accomplished different disciplines thanks to my work out (like making the bed, keeping places tidy, effectively reading and learning in different areas) whilst I was mostly too depressed to do those things, now depression is a not a major problem or something that can easily get in the way of my dedication. The body represents the soul and I have a lot to go for both of them still. I would recommend the same as a man should accomplish things to be of any value and a strong mind requires a strong body.
Aug. 10, 2020 -spike

Persona 4 PC

I was looking forward to playing a persona game on pc but I really didn't expect the series to be this good. This is my first persona game but the experience is just around perfect. Dungeon crawling during the night and socalising during the day is a really creative mechanic, especially dealing with your relationship with other character that gives you buffs at the night time. When it comes to the story it is your average anime over there with some philosophical stuff and a cool mystery, without spoiling it all I can say is: it is good. I have spent around 25 hours now and didn't finish the game but I have been playing it for like 2 days so you know... It is really addictive. Give it a try tho, definitely going to buy a ps5 for trying out persona 5 now, thanks atlus!
June 16, 2020 -spike

Internet of Stings

Okay so I am going to come with this overused cliché privacy argument but I guess cliché is good. So you have curtains at your house and there is a reason for that, that the reason is that you don't want everyone to see what is happenning inside your house. It is not that you have anything to hide, you just don't want the neighbors to peep at you all the time. Ironically you own a smartphone that is running a non-free operating system (free as in freedom), probably a device that sets your bulbs on inside your bulbs or a thermostat that's connected to the internet (or an electricity meter). Well technically now you have a corporate in your bedroom that you paid for to invade you. You are funding that corporate and most of the time you are doing free advertisement with their products for them. Why go through all that to just to put everything out in the public while you paid for those lovely curtains? It is so normalized that people don't understand how evil it can be really quickly, it seems like a part of our lives but it really doesn't belong anywhere near our fellow humans. What if that corporate uses that information to blackmail you into working for them? or what if (something more likely) that corporate didn't take the proper security precautions and your information got leaked? Well than you are going to have to embrace the sad truth, a terrible truth indeed because no not just your neighbors but the whole world can peep inside your house. Well free and open source software gets in front of that by obviously letting you know about what it (the software) is doing. If you are curious about what your software can accomplish just go check the source code, if you are curious about what data it collects.... well there you go. Sadly there are not many foss internet of stings devices yet so therefore i would recommend against using them. Even a smart electric meter that looks innocent can give so much about your house (like what device is running at which time etc.) And you don't really need that crap.
May 26, 2020 -spike

Skeletal Animations

I am using godot engine to achieve skeleatal animations. It basically helps you animate your sprites without really drawing frames. You first create a skeleton for your character, then you add some critical points in your sprites, create meshes, assign them to skeletons, assign the bend strenght at points and some computer stuff and ta daaa!! your character now has cool procedural animations that are generated by your skeletal movement! Incredible right. Well not so incredible.... I have just finished the left arm of my character and I already feel tired of this. I don't know if I will finish this game project as I intended but we will see... I definitely have to finish this character and flex tho.
May 23, 2020 -spike