Watashi No Koko

Normally I really am not a huge fan of vocaloid music but this band is crazy good. They make japanoise (japanese noise) music mixed with vocaloids with extremely sad lyrics. I am not going to write pretentious paragraphs about their music but you can check it out lmao "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF3aj5KWDCQ" "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DprbRWlvSIY" "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOBAfBqixaQ"
Jan. 3, 2021 -spike

Pgp credit card idea

I am not going to explain how pgp works because lazy, but imagine having credit cards that are digital devices with a small screen and a numberpad that is run by a small microcontroller that can be powered by the sun or something. Now each card will have a public and a private key, we will use the public keys to receive and private keys to make payments. The protocol will also use nfc for data transfer, we will both have a transmitter and an emitter in the device for nfc. The system works quite simply and could replace all the cash use since it would also replace giving other people money. When you go to a store and touch your card the machine sends you a protocol level message that is something like: "10 pounds, <public key of kfc>" it can obviously include more detail (but for the sake of simplicity) what you simply do is to sign the message with your private key and send it back to the cash machine, then they can easily identify that you wanted to pay for this transaction at the bank and apply the transaction (the bank doesn't need to know your private key so it is even safe if the bank workers were the evil people). Now let's think about a transaction where you pay your friend some money, because that would be necessary and it is quite problematic with what we have. It is similar though, you touch cards, your friend sends you their public key and the payment information, you confirm, you sign the information and the key, the next time your friend uses their card it syncs at the kiosk with the bank and the transaction completes. No need for sharing your private key with any one, no chance of someone being able to copy your credit card by just swiping it, easier to track transactions so the lack of scam art. (assuming we keep tracks of every public key in the banking system) So why don't we switch to this system? REEEEEE (this system can also be used for online payments without exposing your private key or even without storing it on your computer with a small nfc attachment)
Dec. 27, 2020 -spike

Using Free Software But Not Compiling Yourself

I think using free and open source software is good as you can know what your computer is doing with the code but there is a problem that I have recognised in free software communities. Most of the free software users just use binaries provided by other users. How can you be so sure that those binary files aren't compromised by those same users that provide them? Especially considering that there have been many cases where corporations and users exactly did that? Well you can use a distribution like gentoo where you compile everything yourself, that way you won't have to trust a source with providing you a good binary. It is obviously a good practice to difference check with the main repository of that code with the instance that you own to ensure that nothing is compromised but that is generally not necessary. I don't think people should use binaries provided by other people considering I don't trust anyone in my life with all the information I have regarding me just on my computer but you guys all seem to be doing exactly that. Please don't do that, please care about your freedom and privacy.
Dec. 19, 2020 -spike

Computing Power

I never thought that people would need more than sufficient (good enough to compile things, view things and run things) computing power and I have been against the idea of constantly bloating things up. The modern web for example nor modern operating systems don't need that overengineered look with loads of animations, transparency etc neither the computer power. That is (or was) sheer consumerism to me and It has nothing to do with efficient computing, it slows down human progress until I recently (around a year ago) got really interested in neural networks, I think we need faster computation and better computational power in areas. Corporate consumerism for technology might not have been as bad as I thought it was for computing even though it has been horrid for humanity. I feel like even bad things like this also bring progress. It is totally a different question if all the research was made open to public obviously but dumb consumerism brought something to the table that is useful, especially someone who cannot afford a mainframe and who does not want to go to work for a corporate that can do so. Thank you unnecessary computational power and its dumb consumers and its tradesman, you have made my life slightly better.
Dec. 4, 2020 -spike


I think smartphones are the worst thing that happenned in human existance so far. They have taken and deluded everything natural about being a human and turned it into a cave for data mining. They also ruined how the society functions by offering computers to average intelligence people with no interest or work to do on them. I think computers can be really harmful when used wrong. The majority of services used by the general public are also designed to be addictive. Giving a normal human being a computer is like giving a monkey a machine gun, it doesn’t really know what is happenning and it might hurt itself or the others around it. I think internet and computation should have been left exclusive to academics. The mobile computation devices also changed how society functions by introducing dating apps and social media. People lost their social nature by replacing the need to interact in real life with data flowing through cables. Mobile communication devices are unnatural and unsafe, even if they are encrypted as most random number generators are unsafe and we still don’t know if rsa encryption can be broken with future computation devices like quantum computers when they become more available.
Oct. 19, 2020 -spike