My super cool personal website/blog.

My reasoning behind this website:

Having a space on the internet is important especially in the times of heavy censorship, if you politically or ideologically don't align with the normal, if you are a "wingnut" or if you are just a slightly odd person there is a high chance that you will get banned from social media platforms. We are living in a age of populism where rules are bent for certain political agendas and ideologies just because they are overworded by the media (the two party system and the two ideologies -like conservatives (just neo liberals) and the labour (just some other form of neo liberals)- whilst we need true change, a form of change that is further away from corporatism, police, politicians), I am planning to avoid supporting that by using this website -every opinion should be heard (yes even the harmful ones)- as a statement against those platforms. There are also ethical reasons as most of the social media platforms don't really respect your information nor they do respect your computing freedom.

Reclaim your online freedom

As a few small advices regarding freedom: Don't run non free javascript code on your computer, Use the librejs addon for firefox or palemoon to avoid getting tracked around and block your cookies unless you know what exactly they contain (this website uses cookies to give you a unique token if you are logged in but you don't need cookies to view it). Malicious code might run on your computer just by visiting a website and by running javascript code and no one would want that. Use gnu/linux or another free (libre) operating system (openbsd is a good option) and avoid using software with non free licenses. For more information you can check these out: Free Software Foundation GNU project

Notes on the website:

I was going to use ReactJS for the front end but the idea of having to use an api for passing data, getting that data with a database query, and then parsing that into a javascript object didn't really sound like me so I am using plain html with mysql and django. I am going to keep a blog here so you can keep in touch, it is not going to necessarily be about computers or programming but since I like computers and programming you are going to hear about them often. Every component of this website is licensed under the GNU General Public license, for more information please visit License.

Contact me:

You can subscribe to my rss feed at "" If you want to be able to post on this website let me know, I can let you use my blog section as a way of self expression if your opinions align with mine or if you are likely to lose your platform.

Email You can encrypt your emails with using my Public Key I would really appreciate that.

Portfolio You can see my peronal portfolio here

So far no other options :P I might put it up here if I am active on an irc server.


Obviously not to me but these are some free and open source projects or charities that I feel deserve better funding.

The Debian Project
ICCF Holland
SB Overseas
Medical Aid for Palestinians
Suckless Software
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Rest In Peace Terry....